This post is a long time coming. I honestly didn't think it would happen today. I am still overcoming the nasty covid virus, and really don't feel like typing this out tbh. 😏 Nevertheless...I feel I must.

Yes, yes, I know. Many, many have used the word "unprecedented" to describe many things over the last year. I've even heard some prophetic people make fun of it as a new prophetic catch phrase. I get it...I do.

But let me assure it, it is not a prophetic "catch phrase" to me. It is the exact word the Lord gave me, when He downloaded what was coming, all the way back in 2017. I have said it again and again...and not just to say it so others will see I am right. I could care less if people, or even those in the body, think I'm right. It is not to say "I told you so"!

My only reason for wanting anyone to hear what I have said at any time, is my desire for as many people to be prepared as possible. Why?? Because of moments like this one. This horrible winter storm is still barreling across the country, with another hot (or cold🥶) on it's heels.

And it is sad and troubling to me that so many within the body have not listened...and yes even so many within the prophetic movement, have lambasted, ridiculed, and mocked those of us who are watchmen within the body, who have been trying to get His people to listen and heed the warnings. They have mocked and ridiculed those of us who have said God's people need to be prepared for these types of major events that are coming...and more! 😔

I can assure you this, just as what I have seen happen numerous times within the last 3.5 years, many will suffer tonight and over the rest of this week, across this entire country...yes even in the body of Christ. Why? Because they are not prepared. This storm is, once again, being called "unprecedented". And no that is not a catch-phrase. It means "not done or known of before". It is the word that the Lord gave me in the main word He has brought me back to over the last 3.5 years - "The Best of Times, and The Worst of Times".