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#WomenOfTheLordArising #ItIsPastTime #WeMustGetPastThis #GodIsNoRespecter #ChurchWeMustDoBetter #AllEqual 🙏 This picture is a quote that my dear husband posted a couple years ago, that came up in my memories, so I decided to share. 😉 Gosh I love that husband of mine! đŸ„°â€ He is my #1 supporter and advocate! After reading it this morning, it made me start to think: I have found this to be so TRUE sadly! Many in the church, but not all, have major issues with women teaching anything, as if they are somehow substandard in their ability to reason, learn, understand, and teach. Met any amazing female Doctors lately...or lawyers, or scientist? Women have just as much ability and brain power as men do. They were not somewhat less than God's best because they were created "2nd" in the order. They also have the ability to receive the empowerment of His Spirit, which brings wisdom, revelation, knowledge, and understanding, just as any man does. As Pastor Benny used to say all the time...He is not a respecter of persons, but He is a respecter of hunger! No one in the world argues that a woman "can't" anymore, because it has been proven that she can, and that many things were simply a bias against her because of her sex. That's not to say that there aren't certain roles that are physically and psychologically better and more suited for men, with all of their strengths, just as there are some more suited for women. I am all about the differences in the sexes, and embracing those differences. Women will almost always be, unless unhealed, more suited to nurturing and "mothering". That is as it should be, and how God made it. But seriously, to even hint that women are less than in mind or ability is to say that God makes some people "dumb" by default. Ummm no. 🙄 Lest we forget, Jesus didn't go to the scholars and learned ones of His day to find His followers. He went to the unlearned fishermen and tradesmen. And yes, He had women "disciples" also, even if they weren't a part of "The 12", due to the fact that it wasn't socially accepted in that time for women to follow and stay with a bunch of men. Think about it. 😏 However, the women were the ones at the cross when all of the men except John had left, and many were in the upper room also l, receiving the Holy Spirit right there with the men. And let us always remember that it was a woman who was the first true "Evangelist", when she saw Him at the tomb, and was told to spread the "good news" that He had risen from the dead.(John 20:11-18) Must I really discuss Deborah, Huldah, Esther, Mary, Phoebe, Priscilla, and Junia...along with other leaders and "Prophetesses"?? All were used in His Kingdom, and many others, both in the old and new testament. We must look at the Bible, and even Paul's writings as a whole, not picked out verses to make a certain point. Let the bible interpret the bible. The world has moved passed the ridiculous notion that women are somehow mentally inferior to men. So let's face it folks, we predominately only have this discussion in the church nowadays. Why?? Because God has made it that way? No, but because the ignorance and bias of certain "Christians" has kept it that way. The same reason there are still some biases and prejudices against certain colors or races of people that have remained for centuries. It is the same reason. Ignorance. God is needing all of His army in the war, and for too long, we have lost too many battles, because we won't even let half of the army on the battlefield. Enough is enough! We have a war to win, and may I add, that many of the men in this world would not even be following Him, if it weren't for Mamas and Grandmamas who knew how to war for them! Just sayin! Can we please get past this issue, and move on with the Kingdom that is at hand? There is much to do, and everyone needs to play their part. Not one more than, or one less than. All equal in the Kingdom! Everyone needs to do what He has called them to do..and yes, He does call women! I am one that He has called, and although I fought it for years, He kept bringing words, and confirmations, that told me I needed to do what He had called me to do. I will answer to Him and Him alone if I do not. So a man may tell me that I must "Go home!" Or "Be Quiet", but I will tell them that another Man with more authority in my life has told me to "Go Forth!"... and that is the Man, Christ Jesus! So "Go Forth" I must, not in my own might, or my own power...but by His Spirit! đŸ™ŒđŸ»Â 

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