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This👇article was published this past Sunday... "Nearly 400 Southern Baptist leaders and volunteers have been implicated in a church-wide sexual abuse scandal and cover-up spanning two decades. A joint investigation by the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News released Sunday included devastating accounts from victims who suffered at the hands of trusted religious figures, many of whom returned to their positions even after being registered as sex offenders. There have been at least 700 victims." I said this in a word I released over a year ago, and have said it several times since...#EXPOSURE of sexual perversions in the church, as well as many other places, are going to be happening in a massive way in this hour! #TimeForJUSTICE ⚖️ Excerpt from Word of the Lord - January 8th, 2018: ⏩"It is the hour for the Exposing! ⌛🕛 True intents and motives will begin to be known in this hour, and many things done in secret, even many things that some would not imagine, will be exposed! Hidden sins, perversions, and many hideous things that have went on in companies, organizations, governmental structures...and yes, most especially in churches and ministries (for judgement begins in the House of God- 1 Pet.4:17), will be revealed for all to see. He has been long-suffering, and given much time for repentance and turning. The Lord would say ~ ❇"As you have seen in this last year, so the next 2 years will truly be an intense season of exposure of many things. Yes, there are many whose season of grace has ended, and what they have refused to turn from, will be exposed for all to see. What has been done in darkness, will be brought to the light. This will not only be one here, and one there, but entire organizations, entire groups, yes even entire churches and ministries, will go through an exposing process. It will not be easy, but the purging must happen, and purification will come!"❇⏪ (Read full word released from Jan. HERE) The latest that I released regarding this, was what the Lord spoke to me 2 weeks ago ~ Posted Feb. 3 - ◀🔥▶ ⏩"PERVERSION OR POWER...YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH! #NoMorePerversionInHisHouse During a conference last weekend, I heard the Lord speak... ❇ "Much of the power that My church longs for and needs, is not happening because perversion has flourished in My House! I will not pour My Power and My Glory out where there is perversion. I am getting ready to deal with the perversion and sexual immorality that has run unabated through My House!"❇ 👉EXPOSURE is coming, and the fear of the Lord will again be known in His House! ▶"For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God;" ~ I Peter 4:17a (Read full article 👇from Houston Chronicle  HERE )

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