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🌷⏩ WINTER IS OVER...BEHOLD SPRING HAS COME ~ A word for the Remnant in this season: 🌷⏩

Excerpt: "Surely there are many good things I have in store for my beloved in this new season, because you have walked faithful before Me, and stayed true to My word, even when the enemy was knocking at your door!" I had no intention for this word to be so long as I began writing it this morning, but as the Lord kept speaking I had to continue to write what He was saying. If you are a part of the TRUE remnant, I pray you will receive it: You have walked through the "winter season", and this one has lasted much longer than others. At times, you thought it would never end...but now is the start of something new and fresh in your life. Winter is over, and Spring has come! You are coming out, and you will experience the goodness of the Lord, in the land of the living! March brought "winds of change", but the enemy has still tried to cause you to feel that change was not happening for you. The enemy has attempted to hold you back from this season...he has made your winter season longer and harder than any you can remember in a long time. His goal was to wear you down, and get you to quit, to give up...but you are still here, and you are still standing! 😀🙌👢 The winds of change that have been blowing have been blowing out the old, even though at times, it felt like the "old" was still trying to hang around. Now, the winds for the rest of this month, will be blowing in the new. Will you receive it? Things will only change if you let go of the past, and step in and embrace the "new" that the Lord is waiting to bring into your life! It is your choice if you step into it, or hold onto the old from the last season. You need to posture yourself to step into what the Lord is doing over the next week and a half. Much is shifting and changing, and He wants you to come into all He has for you in this new season, in this new era...but it's up to you. Begin today! You have the ability to step into this new season even now...and the winds that will blow the rest of this month, are going to blow the cobwebs of this last season from your mind and from your life! 💨 Time to greek "metanoó". Change your mind, and change your corresponding actions. When you step outside over the next few days, I want you to take a big breath of fresh spring air...breathe in the new air around you! Just take a moment to receive the fresh wind that He is wanting to blow into your sails, and let it blow those old cobwebs away. He is wanting to blow fresh wind into your sails, and propel you forward into your destiny in this hour! It is a time of great acceleration of many things. You made it through the winter, and you past the test. Your time as come! 💨⛵⏳⌚ By the time we get to Passover next weekend (beginning March 30th), if you will allow Him to, the Lord is wanting to blow the cobwebs and hinderences away, and give you new breath to walk into all that He has for you on the path that lies ahead. Many things will be shifting and blowing out in the next 7-10 days, and many new things will be blowing in! I hear the Lord say, "Surely there are many good things I have in store for My beloved in this new season, because you have walked faithful before Me, and stayed true to My word, even when the enemy was knocking at your door! You have kept your face set like flint, and not considered turning back. Although at times you felt stuck in quicksand, because of the traps that the enemy had set for you...but I was guiding you with My loving hand, and although it was difficult, you never stopped moving forward, although it was slow at times. The enemy thought he had you, that you would give up, and simply die there in the quicksand, but He does not know the fire that I have placed inside you...he does not know the determination of heart that you possess. You are my strong warriors, and although you become weak, you do not give up, you stand your ground, and when you can't even move, you wait for me to pull you up out of the trap of quicksand that the enemy has set. And now, because you have fought your way through the quicksand that attempted to pull you down and destroy you, you are not weaker, but stronger. You have become stronger in Me, and in the power of My might! The struggle has made you stronger, and you will need that strength for other battles ahead in months & years to come. For what the enemy does not know, is that I am using his very tricks and snares, to help build My army. My warriors are not faint of heart, but they are becoming stronger and stronger in Me, with every battle they walk through. Rest in Me, My beloved warriors, for I AM strengthening you now, I am pulling you up to a higher place, with My right hand of righteousness. My Spirit is breathing upon you even in this day and hour, and You will sense Me closer than ever before. He will fill you with My Glory and Power in a new way...a fresh infilling is upon you. Be ready...Breathe it in! 💪💨

It is now Your time to come forth and be known for what and who you are...My warriors, made fit for the battle ahead, and trained in My ways. I will be pouring out upon you new strategies in this hour, and you will walk in a new place that I have ordained for you to walk in. It is the Kairos time for My warrior Bride to arise, and walk in a new place beside Me, filled with My Spirit to a new measure of fullness, and walking in My ways. My Spirit will fill you with a new strength in Me, and you will walk in new strength in this hour. As I have said before, I say again, the hour of your revealing and exposing is at hand! It is a now time...set forth before the foundations of the earth began. Do not miss what I have prepared for you in this hour, My beloved remnant. Prepare yourself, as Esther did. Draw away with Me, and hear My voice...let Me prepare you as you soak in all that I AM. I will come to you...I will come in the morning, I will come in the noon day, I will come in the evening, and even in the midnight hours. I will come to you, and you will sense the drawing of My Spirit to come away with Me, to be alone with Me, even if only for a few moments. Some of you will even be working at your job, and you will sense a drawing to come away for just a few moments with Me. At times, instead of taking lunch, I will ask you to come and dine with Me, and drink of what I have to give you. I will require more of you in the season will have to give up many things that are not important, things that have not been wrong, but that you will no longer be allowed to do in this next season. You must give them up, for the 'more' that I have for you. Do not fight or hold back, when you feel Me asking for the sacrifice of these things that you have enjoyed, for I have many great surprises awaiting you, and things that I long to show you, but I will not show them to those who are not ready to sacrifice those things that I require of them. The sacrifices will be nothing compared to what you will gain in Me. I am calling you higher in Me, and I am preparing You to soar. Catch the wind of My Spirit, and soar to new heights with Me! "For lo, the winter is past, The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. The fig tree puts forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grapes give a good smell. Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away! 'O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the cliff, Let me see your face, Let me hear your voice; For your voice is sweet, And your face is lovely.'” ~ Song of Solomon 2:11‭-‬14 "‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’" ~ Jeremiah 33:3 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me." ~ Revelation 3:20

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