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❄💨The entire eastern seaboard will see snow this week, from Florida to Maine, as a powerful storm sweeps up the East Coast of the United States on this first week of 2018. What a way to bring in the New Year! ❄💨 First of all, let me say that I am praying Divine protection & safety over all God's people who are being affected by this epic storm! 🙏 One weather station called it "Frozen America" in an online video. Still another article had this to say... "From coast to coast, the US is in a deep freeze. A shot of bitter, arctic air has brought record low temperatures and sub-zero wind chill. The arctic front will continue at least through the end of the week, shattering cold records across North America in what meteorologists are calling an 'arctic outbreak'. Parts of 15 states from Florida to Maine will see effects from this developing coastal storm. Winter storm watches, warnings and advisories have been issued from Florida to Maine." In fact in all 50 states at least one place recorded a temperature below 32 degrees on Tuesday. On New Year's Day, temperatures across 90% of the United States didn't even get up to 32 degrees, CNN meteorologist Ivan Cabrera said. So, what is all this deep freeze about? For those of us who notice and recognize prophetic signs in things that happen as seemingly happenstance in nature and the world, many have wondered what does this mean? I know many of you who are of a prophetic nature have also been sensing that there was something more to all of this, but just not quite sure what it was. Many have noticed that this is not normal, and is what some have called "unprecedented" and "historic", but the question is, does it mean something more? Is the Lord speaking and pointing to something else in and through all of this? We know He often speaks through nature and though different circumstances that suround us, and myself and many others have felt this was no different. Just as many other "historic" and "unprecedented" things that happened this year were very prophetic, so is this. After much prayer and discussion with another friend tonight, who is also a prophet, the Lord began to reveal to both of us much of what these weather patterns mean prophetically. I will say this, much of it has to do with the Lord exposing many things and the purification that is happening and will continue. We will be releasing in full, what we feel the Lord is highlighting to us tomorrow afternoon, so be on the lookout! I wanted to give you this preview tonight so you can read these headlines and be prepared for what we release tomorrrow. 

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