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An iconic tree that has been located on the south facade of the White House since the early 1800's, will reportedly be cut down this week.🌲🌳#Prophetic #America #Kingdom #NoFalseSupport #EndOf2017 #BeginningOf2018 ▶As I read the following article yesterday about this historic tree being removed, I sensed strongly that this is very prophetic. I immediately knew that the Lord was speaking something very key that He is wanting to do these last few days of 2017, to help prepare us for 2018. I believe it is especially significant that the removal is happening this last week of the year! I believe this is a sign of the things that the Lord is wanting to be cut down and removed that have remained standing only through "artificial support". Some things are dead and have only been able to stand because other things are propping them up. They are weak and have no standing power on their own. The Lord is getting ready to remove those things that are "artificially supported", and replace them with things that are firmly rooted, grounded, and able to stand on their own when the strong winds blow. 💨💪 I believe this is a sign for America, as well as the body of Christ as a whole. It is time to let go of certain things...practices, structures, governances, that have been dead and lifeless for some time, and have only been able to stand up due to the artificial support that has held them in place. Those things that have been on "life support" need to be shut down. I am speaking of things even in the government of the United States that will be dealt with and uprooted in this next season. There are structures & laws that have been in place for years that are only able to make it because they have been supported by artificial structures that are going to be exposed. Much is going on right now in the Spirit, but we will see the manifestation of these things in this new year. Although this is a sign for America, the Lord is also speaking to His Church, His Ekklesia, and He is wanting those things that are not rooted and grounded in Him to be dealt with. Those beliefs & practices that have been propped up by artificial structures and man-made ideas, but have no substance in truth or staying power, are about to be dealt with and uprooted. This is also true for our own personal lives as believers, for He is dealing with the Ekklesia as a whole, but also with us as individuals in His body. The areas where we have allowed ourselves to be lifeless and without fruit will need to be dealt with. Places in our lives where false pretenses and artificial motivations have been allowed, are being highlighted in the last few days of this year, and the Lord is wanting them to be dealt with...places where there has been compromise of our structure & stance. Strongholds that have not completely been dealt with, but instead have been "propped up" to look okay by other structures or people surrounding us, are being highlighted in this time. It is even time for relationships that are weak, lifeless and no longer able to support themselves, to be cut off and removed from our lives. These things are being revealed now, because the Lord is actually wanting to do much of the uprooting and removing of these things in these final days of 2017. He is wanting us to start afresh in 2018, and for it to truly be the year of New Beginnings that He has for us! Part of this "New Beginning" can only happen as these things are uprooted and removed. In the next few days, allow Him to cut away those things that need to be dealt with, those things that have been "propped up", and let Him remove those things that are holding us back. For those things that may be stronger rooted in your life, begin the new year by going into a time of fasting and prayer to finalize the breaking off of any residue of those things. Let's all pray this: "Lord, I surrender to Your purpose in My life, and I ask you to take the double-edged sword and remove any compromise within me! Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right & steadfast spirit within me! Uproot & expose what I need to see that has been hidden, and help me to deal with it quickly. Lord, help me to cut off and remove those things that I have propped up with artificial support, but that are truly weak and lifeless. Reveal those places of decay in my life that have brought about structural weakness, and remove them so there can be healing and life in all areas of my life. Now...can we pray the same for our country, and for the Ekklesia? "Lord take the double-edged sword and remove any compromise within the government of the United States, and also within Your Ekklesia! Uproot & expose what needs to be seen that has been hidden, and help it to be dealt with quickly. Lord, help those things to be cut off and removed that have been propped up with artificial support, but that are truly weak and lifeless. Reveal those places of decay in the government of the United States, as well as in Your governing body of believers...those things that have brought about structural weakness, and remove them so there can be healing and life in all areas! We pray all of these things in Your name, Lord Jesus! In the next few days, and into the New Year, let Your purposes be our lives, in our government, and in Your Ekklesia! ▶▶▶Here is an excerpt from a news article regarding the removal of this historic tree - "The south facade of the White House will undergo a dramatic change this week: the historic Jackson Magnolia, a tree that has been in place since the 1800s, is scheduled to be cut down and removed. The enormous magnolia is one of three on the west side of the White House, and the oldest on the White House grounds. The tree has had a long and storied life, yet has now been deemed too damaged and decayed to remain in place. According to documents regarding the tree, 'The overall architecture and structure of the tree is greatly compromised and the tree is completely dependent on the artificial support'. 'Without the extensive cabling system, the tree would have fallen years ago. Presently, and very concerning, the cabling system is failing on the east trunk, as a cable has pulled through the very thin layer of wood that remains. It is difficult to predict when and how many more will fail.' First lady Melania Trump made the final decision to remove the tree after looking at relevant documents including those from specialists at the United States National Arboretum, a White House official stated."

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Amanda Shiflett is the founder of Prophetic Reformer and Co-founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, along with her husband Darin. She is a Prophetic Minister who heard the Lord's call from a very young age. Amanda is a heralding voice of truth, holiness, and purity within the prophetic, and calls others to stand in a place of no compromise in their callings. She longs to see reformation come most especially to the current Prophetic movement, as well as the other parts of the 5-fold within the body of Christ.  


Along with her calling as a Prophetess, Amanda also flows in a powerful worship and healing anointing, and is a gifted teacher and writer as well. Although she loves all aspects of the ministry that God has called her to, her personal passion is to see reformation come to the Body of Christ and the current prophetic movement. She also longs to see those in the Body of Christ reach their destinies - to see God's people break free from their strongholds and bondages, to walk in complete wholeness and freedom in Christ. She is honored and excited to serve the Lord in many capacities in the Kingdom, seeing lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit! 


Over a 10 year period, Amanda received overall training in biblical studies, with extensive training in prophecy, spiritual warfare, Hebraic roots, healing, and supernatural ministry, at various ministry schools. In addition, she also traveled and served under several national and international ministries during that time. She is constantly engaging in more study and understanding in the revelations of the Lord, and is actively involved in continuing education. 


Amanda and her husband, Darin, are both Apostolically aligned with and ordained through FMCI, under the apostolic leadership of Apostle Jim Hodges. They currently reside near Dallas, TX.