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Apostles who have become compromised by the political spirit will begin to: 1. Demonstrate less and less regard for truth and light. 2. Leverage their authority and influence to manipulate financial opportunities. 3. Favor strategies and scenarios that protect their interest, authority, popularity and projects. We see Judas, one of twelve hand picked individuals, begin manipulating the system for his own gain. He was targeted by the political spirit who was ultimately behind the arrest of Christ. While he was set to inherit his place as a powerful apostle and be a builder of the eternal Kingdom, he fell captive to the tactics of the political spirit, thus forfeiting his entire life and destiny! While Jezebel goes after prophets, the political spirit goes after the apostles!! This political spirit will kiss you on the cheek, then sell you out for 30 pieces of silver behind your back. When you see an apostle demonstrating political agendas, and departing from the mandate of Godly truth, watch out...their destiny is under siege. The reformation that is taking place will begin to expose those who once had good intentions, but have become compromised and perverted. God will uproot and replace them with righteous and just stewards of His authority. Apostles, be not deceived, Got is not mocked. What you sow, you will reap. 

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