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The Books are Opened & Things are Being Sealed!📖

⏩📖 Tonight while in worship during a service here in FL, I saw books open in heaven, and I heard "It's the Day of Atonement, and books are being opened". I thought I remembered Jewish history saying that, but I had forgotten, so I looked it up. Sure enough it talked about the books being opened during the Day of Atonement. Then I heard, "The books are being opened and things are being sealed and released". Between now and tomorrow evening, I sense many things will be sealed and released for this next season!  

Pressing into this and ready to receive all that the Lord has in store!! 🙌📖⏫⏬ ❇To give more insight: There are many books in heaven (not just the Book of Life, and the books from Revelation), but many books and scrolls. Destinies and God's agendas are written in the books and scrolls in heaven. Many places in scripture speaks of this. There are things being sealed and released for this next season! 🙌 

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