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5778 - THE NEW WILD WINE by Amanda Barrow Hill 🍇🍓

5778 - THE NEW WILD WINE Amanda Barrow Hill August 11, 2017 This is a long word regarding this year, as well as years to come. I will dissect this further in weeks and months ahead, as my understanding of this word is continually deepening and developing. Please feel free to share. A special thank you to all the midwives who labored with me to birth this. You know who you are. On August 11th, I had the following dream; I was in Germany with some friends, ministry connections, Tim and Dutch Sheets along with their wives. We were getting ready to travel to the conference venue. Most everyone boarded the bus. However, I rode with three young people, who were in their early twenties. For me to ride with them, they had to unload their car of the large harvest of grapes they just picked, which they were going to make wine with to sell. They left the grapes in a pile on the ground and we left for the venue. As we drove, I began to see heaps of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries all over the dirt road, on the side of the road and across the yards, and country sides. The berries were off the vine and there were thousands of piles of them just waiting to be picked up. I began to excitedly tell the three-young people to forget about making the grapes into wine, instead pick up the berries and use them! When I got to the venue, I shared with Tim and Dutch what happened with the berries and we began to talk about what the Lord was saying regarding this supernatural wonder. -End of dream. I feel this word is for 5778 and even several years beyond. We, the Church, have referenced new wine frequently. However, the source has always been the grape. I believe Holy Spirit is not just pouring out the new wine, but HE is changing the source, the fruit, from which the wine is produced. A NEW, WILD WINE is upon us and its source is the wild berries; blueberry, raspberry, blackberry. Therefore, we not only have a major paradigm shift upon us, but we need to gain revelation regarding this new, wild berry wine. Berries were a part of wine making in ancient times. In 2013, archaeologists discovered a 1700 B.C. wine cellar in a Canaanite palace in northern Israel. A chemical analysis of residues left in the jars detected traces of ingredients popular in ancient winemaking, including berries. According to wine enthusiasts, Israel’s wine production was less than desirable. The wines tasted so bad that berries and other ingredients were added to help with flavor. Studies show that berry wine is far healthier, is a better alternative and outperforms grape wine. There is quite a big difference between the tastes, though the production process mirrors each other. Berry wines are more like an entirely different drink rather than there being subtle differences; more intense, deeper flavor, while also being less sweet than grape wine. Making blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries into wine, concentrates and magnifies their beneficial components. They are full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, iron, potassium and manganese, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, copper and high in fiber. Listed below are nutritional and informational facts about blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries along with the corresponding prophetic understanding regarding the corporate Body of Christ, as well as personal application; Alleviates Inflammation Inflammation is a condition in which part of the body becomes swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection. Berries neutralize the work of free radicals, which cause infection. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases because it exhausts the body more than anything else. Many in the Body of Christ are experiencing great pain. Instead of allowing Holy Spirit to deal with the hurt, the disease of offense has developed and pride has set in. Pride has puffed up and inflamed parts of the Body of Christ. However, the Lord is pouring out the WILD WINE to neutralize the work of the enemy. Physically, many painful issues with our feet are due to inflammation. The inability to move forward, progress, and advance spiritually directly correlates to issues of pride. Pride makes you stagnant. Holy Spirit is wiping out pride, haughty spirits and vain conceit and replacing them with humility, compassion, and meekness. Improves Brain Function The antioxidants in berries protects our brains from toxins that are poisonous and destructive. These toxins can affect memory, motor function, sleep, clarity of thought and can lead to dementia, epilepsy and other brain disorders. There is a great war over our minds. The enemy’s goal is to capture our thought life through lies, gossip, ungodly beliefs and anything that prevents us from walking in faith. His plan is for us to choose fear instead of faith, death instead of life. The WILD WINE gives us uncommon, faith, like Elijah, to summon the false prophets to meet on Mount Carmel and call on the God who answers by fire. We have become complacent, comfortable and at times even lazy in our “Spirit filled life.” The time for tolerating toxic timidity has ended. Those days are over because the days of Elijah are upon us, therefore the Spirit of Elijah must also manifest. Elijah was wild and fearless. HE is calling for the wild ones again! The observers at Pentecost believed the 120 from the Upper Room had too much wine! Holy Spirit is asking, “Who is thirsty?”, because HE is ready to pour out the WILD WINE on those who have prepared their new wineskin. This is a year when we must have the WILD WINE to be bold, and fire filled to execute great Kingdom exploits! Promotes Heart Health These powerful berries assist in regulating heart rhythm, prevent cardiovascular disease and decrease the risk of heart attacks and heart failure. Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” The Body of Christ is filled with people who have lost their hope, but I prophesy to you today that this NEW, WILD WINE is speaking to and healing sick hearts and commanding them to beat again. May those with heart failure begin to feel their heart sync with the rhythm of HIS heart. Strength is returning to your spirit as you remember HIS faithfulness! Psalms 104:15 says, “…wine makes our hearts happy…” The WILD WINE will cause us to not grow weary while we continue warring with our prophetic words and promises. The enemy wants to exhaust us and wear down our resolve. Drink in the WILD WINE and be refreshed to believe again, be revived to feel your heart beat again! Be renewed with fresh, unspeakable joy, full of glory! Supernatural joy is here. Drink it in! Fights and Can Prevent Cancer Unlike radiation and chemotherapy, these rich berries can stop the growth of cancer cells without harming healthy cells. There have been studies where the berries have even slowed and warded off breast, prostate, endometrial, skin, colon, esophageal, lung, mouth, pharynx, pancreatic, oral, stomach, nasal, and liver cancer. There are two fast growing, aggressive cancers that have invaded the Body of Christ named, religion and a political spirit. A person affected by a religious spirit refuses to drink the WILD WINE because they can’t control it, nor do they understand it. They reject anything that is of the Spirit and label it as unbiblical or blasphemous. A spirit we don’t talk about much that has crept into the Body of Christ is a political spirit. This vile tumor has grown, mutated, and attached itself to even some of those in leadership. Compromise has become acceptable, especially when position, promotion, platforms, and financial support is at stake. Gag orders have been hand delivered to the Prophets who speak out against this disease. Be warned! There is a day of reckoning coming to those who have succumb to this spirit. They will be forced to deal with what they have been trying to avoid; Holy Spirit conviction. Nevertheless, there are pioneers and reformers in the body who have refused to bow to these two deadly cancers that have strategically infected the Body. Some call them rebellious, extreme, too harsh or old testament. They are none of these. They are, however, the ones sent to challenge, and change the dysfunctional, governmental structures. They will stop these cancers from metastasizing to other parts of the Body. Like David, the wild ones choose to “become even more undignified…” These lovers of HIS Presence will turn up the cup and drink of the never ending WILD WINE. They will be hated and judged by their peers, friends and family. However, soon after they will be called upon by those same people who previously judged them. They will be asked to pray for, heal, and deliver the ones in need. The religious and political spirits have no place in the Body. Their effects can be reversed. The WILD WINE is being poured out to stop the growth of these cancers. The WILD WINE must be stewarded well. It cannot and will not be controlled or manipulated. Heals Wounds Berries can properly heal wounds at an accelerated pace. The WILD WINE will be used to accelerate racial reconciliation. We have been circling this mountain for years. Regrettably, Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. However, I see the Lord with a never-ending wine bottle in his hand. HE is emptying it out to bring a deep cleansing to these areas of open, festering wounds. Everyone willing to drink of the WILD WINE will experience a new level of HIS passionate, hot love and deep forgiveness. Breakthrough for racial healing and reconciliation is upon us! Another area of profound healing HE desires to release in HIS Body is between men and women working together as equals. Sadly, this too is still an issue. Ladies, stop wallowing in the pain of what he (the man in leadership) didn’t allow you to do 20 years ago. It’s a new day so, be free, choose to forgive and let it go. Gentlemen, there is no family without women. You need us and we need you. Let’s work together as Barak and Deborah did. The Church must be healed first so the world can know that we are HIS disciples because of our love and unity. We are the example. Resists Bacteria, Infection & Aides Digestion These potent berries can control, and prevent gum disease, cavities, and oral infections due to their antibacterial properties. Additionally, they assist in thoroughly cleansing and detoxing our body, which is key for quality heath and digestion. The prophets are considered Father’s “mouthpiece”. There are some true prophets which have allowed their prophetic words to be tainted with the infection of rejection. This disease has brought great contamination and reproach on the prophetic community as a whole. Also, some have mixed the fire of the Lord with strange fire. Nadab and Abihu went up the mountain with Moses and Aaron and saw God, Exodus 24:9. They mistook their mountaintop experience as a license to dabble with strange fire. The mountaintop should bring humility, not pride. Prophets, judge your words carefully as you descend the mountain of God. The word of the Lord should not be combined with, or even have a sliver of witchcraft. Some have intermingled sources. This will no longer be tolerated, as The WILD WINE is purifying the prophetic on every level. One of the signs that Jesus said would accompany those who believe is casting out demons. This is one of the last things HE spoke before HE was taken up into heaven, Mark 16. Over the years, many churches have chosen to ignore or sweep this miraculous sign under the rug. The Lord is shining a light on the overwhelming need to reestablish the ministry of deliverance. Get ready to see mass deliverance services. The WILD WINE filled vats of heaven are flowing to the Body to bring this overdue detox! Improves Vision Over time our eyes can become damaged. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries play a protective role in eye heath. They ward off damage from macular degeneration, an eye disease which causes vision loss. We are in the season of Ayin. Which means we must have the ability to see now and in days ahead. Macular degeneration prohibits us from seeing the true form of what we are viewing. We can’t see it in its pure state because our perception is distorted. The WILD WINE is correcting our vision. Holy Spirit has scheduled our eye appointment. Blurred and double vision, floaters, glaucoma, cataracts, depth perception and astigmatism are all being corrected. HE is fine tuning our vision to give us perfect sight during the day, as well as the night. Wine was used in worship as a drink offering to the Lord. This year there is a new sound arising from the Church. This NEW WILD WINE has a sound unlike any other. It will obliterate past strongholds. There is nothing that can rival or stand against it. This WILD WINE contains the sound of BREAKTHROUGH! All those who choose to drink will stand in wonder as they watch their enemies turn on each other. What has never been done before, will be done this year. What has never been heard before, will be heard this year. Let the new songs and sounds within us awaken and manifest! The thirsty will gulp and even bathe in the WILD WINE. The religious and political will reject it. However, there is a third group it will affect. Psalms 75 says, “For the Eternal holds a full cup of wine in HIS hand that is full of foaming wine mixed with spices. He pours out the wine in judgment and all the wicked must drink it up-every drop of it!” Our Father is full of lovingkindness, which leads us to repentance. Because HE is omniscient, HE knows who will never accept HIM. The wicked which stand against his heavenly purposes and Kingdom advancement, will begin to drink of HIS judgment wine this year. 5778 is, “The Year of the Door”. In Biblical days, newly filled wineskins were often hung and stored in tents from the poles. I believe as we walk through the door this year, the new wineskins await us. Our paradigms must shift for us to be able to steward this NEW WILD WINE. Old wineskins will certainly burst trying to contain it. When Holy Spirit pours out WILD WINE, structures and organization must be flexible and change. 500 years ago, in Wittenberg Germany, Martin Luther received the revelation of grace through faith. The established church in that day was split and a new denomination was born. This process of new wineskins and paradigms has occurred repeatedly over church history. Whenever men and women ministered under a fresh anointing, a new wineskin formed as the new wine was released. This time it is no different. In the dream, which took place in Germany, were two brothers, Tim and Dutch Sheets. They are both fathers in this nation, both Apostles and both Teachers. The Lord is speaking to the Prophets about the NEW, WILD WINE. He is telling them to alert the Apostles so they can begin to change church structure. Then the Teachers can instruct the people on how to apply this NEW, WILD WINE to their daily life, as they engage the 7 Mountains. Prophets, Apostles, and Teachers must work together closely this year and in years to come. There is a double anointing on Apostles and Teachers this year, thus the reason they were both in the dream. The young people in the dream represent those who are about to have a rushing river of WILD WINE flooding into them. Elementary, Middle, High School and College campuses will be supernaturally visited and overtaken. It will be so powerful that churches will visit these wild fires of revival. I see thousands of young people weeping, shaking, and laying under the current, deep in the WILD WINE river. It will be unprecedented. We must steward this NEW, WILD WINE with wisdom. This is our window. This is our opportunity! This is our time for awakening for He is opening HIS unlimited, immeasurable, heavenly wine cellar that is filled with NEW, WILD WINE! Drink up! 

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