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Fires, Storms, and Floods ~ Part 2: What does it all mean?

(READ PART 1 that tells about our experience with Hurricane Harvey here)

Why did this storm come, many have asked? Was it judgement from God or an attack from the enemy...or an attack that was allowed because of certain open doors? I cannot say, as the Lord has not specifically spoken to me about that, however I do feel it is the latter. I do know that judgments do come from the Lord at times, as much as many would not like to believe it. It is all throughout scripture. (Amos 4:7-13, Is. 2:19-20, Jeremiah 23:19, Matt. 3:12, 1 Corinth.11:32, and many more) Also, read this great article about this subject by Apostle Joseph Mattera. I have been told by others that a word of the Lord was delivered to Houston by a true prophet just a few years ago, which declared that there would be a great and devastating flood that would come to this city. Apparently, the Lord did attempt to warn that this was coming. Was the warning heeded or ignored? I cannot say. Remember, the Lord warns out of His mercy and love. As many of you know, since the week before the Solar Eclipse in August, I began to discuss that this particular eclipse was the Lord sending a warning to this country, in the simple fact that it would happen on the very day that Teshuvah began (see that word here). I, along with many others, have felt that this "40 days of Teshuvah" needed to be a time of much introspection and repentance within the body of Christ as a whole, and specifically in the leadership within the body. Much has happened in the 3 weeks since the Eclipse occurred (yes it's only been a little over 3 weeks!), and I will tell you that I have sensed that all of it has been a part of the warning that the Lord is sending. Yes, I do understand that there are always hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires, but rarely if ever has there been this many historic and impactful events in such a short period of time. Yes, part of these things happening is creation itself groaning, as it waits for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God that is coming...but part of it is God's warnings. God is clearly speaking, and sending warnings to His church. The question is, will we heed the warning?

We have only 2 weeks left in this "season of repentance", and I am urging all in the body of Christ to truly humble themselves before the Lord, and ask Him to reveal anything that needs to be repented for in your own life, in your city, in your region, and in the nation. As many of you know, I have been asking the Lord to release a spirit of repentance in every city and state that we have been in during our travels over the last few weeks. The more devastation that has fires, floods, and storms...the more I have pressed in to ask the Lord to release this over the land. I am praying for Godly sorry that leads to true repentance! I truly feel it is what is needed more than anything else right now. Yes, there are many times of rejoicing, triumph, abundance and great authority that the Lord releases within His Kingdom, and I believe all of those things will come in the seasons ahead...but that is not where we are right now. We are in a time where repentance is not just necessary, it is required. No, we do not need to stay in a season of repentance at all times, but there are seasons that the Lord requires it, and sometimes it is a stronger demand than others. This is one of those times.

If I've ever known anything in my life, I know this. We MUST repent (change our minds and hearts) and return! Please...Apostles, Pastors, leaders - call your people to a time of fasting and prayer, call for times of intercession in the church. Repent for the sins and iniquities in your own life, in your city, and in your region....and lead by example. I cannot urge you enough to do this, as the Lord is warning in the strongest possible way!

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