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Several times over the course of the day yesterday, I would have flashes of a sense. What I sensed was - Today is the last day of the last month that will be somewhat "normal". I felt distinctly that Oct was the last month that would be somewhat normal, for quite some time. I believe events will happen in this month of November that will create change unlike we have ever known, both here in the U.S., and around the world. December will be even more change than that.

After a time of worship and prayer with friends last night (Oct 31st), I shared this sense that I had gotten several times with my husband, Darin. I also received several confirmations of this very thing before going to bed last night... one through a dream that a friend's young son had, which she shared with me after he woke up and shared with her around 11pm last night. He shared several things, but one was that things were "accelerating", and he felt there would be much change.

I can't accentuate this enough. More change is coming than I can express in this one post. Those who have been following our ministry for some time, know what I am speaking of. The "Worst of Times" is upon us in full force, and the intensity of that will be seen in many ways, but we will experience His Glory during "The Best of Times" in the midst of much difficulty. Prepare your heart for both. #BestOfTimes #WorstOfTimes #PerfectStorm

I say this again with all urgency...please prepare as much as you possible can in the natural, for yourself and your family, at the very least. God expects us to use wisdom when He gives warnings such as He has given for some time, and not preparing is foolish. You will go through very difficult times that were unnecessary, if you do not prepare while you had the chance. That is not His perfect will. He wants you to be prepared, and even enough to give to others in need if possible (Acts 11).

If you absolutely cannot prepare due to financial situations, please find a community that is preparing and become a part of them. It will help.

Please also be in much prayer and fasting during this will help prepare you spiritually during this intense time, and will help you to hone in on the voice of His Spirit, so you can clearly hear and heed what He is saying. It will also strengthen your spirit man during this time. #PrayAndPrepare

Some have asked how to prepare further in the natural, and what are the basics to do so. Although there is not much time to prepare at this point, you can still do some things over the next few weeks and months. We have created a website to help with these questions. Please go to the website HERE and make a plan, even if it is a basic one. The website is


Many prophetic voices, including mine, have spoken about "The Perfect Storm that was coming, which references back to the word by the same name that was released by John Paul Jackson in 2008. News articles re: food shortages, war, and many other scenarios have actually used that same term in their articles over the last 6 months. I believe, and other prophets I know also believe, we are at the beginning of the fulfillment of that word, and what many of us have been sensing for some time coming to past. I've said it before and I say again, what happened with the "C" in 2020 was only a dress rehearsal, and was "round 1" of what is coming. Many things will hit at one time, or in short succession after another.

During his lifetime, many did not want to hear or heed the warnings John Paul gave, including many prophets and others in our prophetic realm. I declare this now ~ His name will now be vindicated before the world, and all in the prophetic realms. He will once again be known for how accurate his words were, years in advance, and specifically telling us what was coming, even though it seemed so far off and "not possible" when he spoke the words in 2008 and before. He was a true prophet of God, and watchman, who was not received by many of his contemporaries, because they did not want to hear the "watchman" words he gave.

Last week when sharing about this new website with a friend, who happens to be one of John Paul Jackson's spiritual daughters, she told me it was great that we are helping others know how to prepare in this way. She also said her and her husband were discussing it, and they both said "John Paul would have done that!" 🥲🙏🏻

That spoke to me so much, and almost made me cry. This has been such a hard season for me, in so many ways, with many (even some of my peers and contemporaries) not understanding my mandate at all. That one statement helped me so much. JPJ was not understood either...and neither was Jesus. It reminded me why I do what I do, and who I'm doing it for. Only because He has called me to.

May I say this... many of God's true prophetic watchman, including His prophets & intercessors, who have been releasing warnings from the Lord for some time, will be validated and vindicated during this hour.

Some other voices have been declaring "peace, peace", but they speak out of their own heart, and the heart of the people, what they want most to hear. #Watchman #Warnings

It will be made very clear in the coming days who was speaking from the true counsel of the Lord. Pay attention and remember people of God, so you will know who to listen to in the coming days.

Many will be shown to not be true prophets, but merely commentators, who are only getting things from news sources or "other" so-called intelligence. I don't say this in pride at all, as I pray for their repentance and turning, but these are very strange days within our prophetic realms in the body of Christ. Many who have given themselves a name and title in this hour, will be revealed for who they really are, because they spoke but were not asked to speak (by Him), they went but were not called.

In summation, as you all know, I say none of this to bring fear, as that has never been my heart...but it will bring much more fear for us to walk into the days that are coming with no warnings. Be aware, be sober, be vigilant...stand firm in your faith, do what you can in the natural, pray & fast, and trust God with rest. He will take care of those who trust Him...but also make sure you are listening and heeding His instructions. #FaithOverFear

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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