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As I have stated previously, dreams are not the primary way the Lord speaks to me, but when I do dream, it is usually significant, especially if I experience similar dreams 2 nights in a row. I also want to state that I have had very few political or governemental dreams, but they are always significant when I do. Just for reference, we have the VP debate on DVR, but have yet to watch it. We will do that this week.

Based on the dreams that I have had the last several nights, there is way more going on behind the scenes than we, the American people know. They also left me concerned somewhat, and wanting to pray for eyes to be opened, and people to see and hear truth, more than ever before.

The 3 individuals in the picture were the primary figures in my dreams over this past weekend, first with former President Obama, and then last night with Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton together, although Kamala was the primary figure.

Both dreams had to do with deception and secrecy. It was clear to me in both of the dreams, that all 3 of these figures were very much more involved in what is currently happening, and what is being displayed, than many may realize.

In the dream with Obama, Darin and I were acting as some sort of spies, and while on a plane with the former President, I became very aware of his current involvement, and of his very charming and charismatic personality. He was very nice, and seemed so pleasant. I knew he didn't know who we were, or he would not be that way.

Then Saturday night, I became aware of Kamala and Hillary working together, although Kamala was the main figure, with Hillary just in a support or even an advisor type role. In the dream, I knew that Biden was running, but I did not see him, nor did he seem to be of main importance. Kamala was the primary figure. It was almost like she was running against President Trump, with Biden and even Pence being secondary and not as important. I did not see President Trump in this dream, but was aware of her running against him.

In this dream, I was in several places where political type events were taking place, sort of like debates, or "performances" that were happening, with the audience being voters. I became aware in each of these places that many typically conservative people, and even many Christians, were being deceived by what was being said. I was very upset by this, and kept trying to tell people "Don't listen to what is being said, look at what has been done! Don't listen to the words, look at the actions." I said these phrases over and over to many people and groups..."Pay attention to what is and has been done...not what people say"!

I knew in this dream that what the democrats were saying was not what had happened, or what people needed to focus on, but what was actually done. On the opposite side, I knew that people were listening to what was being said about President Trump, and not paying attention to what he has actually done.

I was very disconcerted in the dream, and under the strong impression, that if people did not pay attention, they would be deceived into voting for the wrong person, based on what was being said. I was concerned that this could cost the election.

There is a very strong delusion, and much deception going on with this election, and we need to be in strong prayer against what the enemy is using to deceive many people, even many Christians.

I also felt impressed during prayer, that more exposure would ve revealed from inside the U.S. Government before the election, than has been this whole year.

Pray with me for eyes 👀 and ears👂to be opened to truth, and that people will focus on what they need to focus on! Pray against any Leviathan spirit that is twisting truth, and causing things to look very different than they really are! 🙏

Pray that more exposure will happen within our government, that people will be seen for what they are, and what they are doing! Pray for the collusions to be exposed, to the highest level! Pray that the true culprites of division in our nation will be seen for what they are! Pray that many will see what is truly at stake in this election. #DivineExposure

P.S. Many think that we as ministers should not be involved in political things, or in government at all for that matter. I respectfully disagree. The Lord has been speaking to many (including myself in these dreams as well as other words and dreams), about these things, and we must speak out what the Lord is showing us.

I was not very involved in politics or our government before about 6 or 7 years ago, but once the Lord began to open up to me about the role of God's people, and even His prophets, in the governments of the world, I realized I had been sadly mistaken in how important this is. Where we are as a country, is a direct result of what the Ekklesia (Body) has done or not done. He has given us great authority, and we must take that responsibility very seriously.

May the true Ekklesia rise up in the United States of America, and in the Nations of the world, and may we see His Kingdom come, and His will done, on earth as it is in heaven! 🙏🇺🇸 🌎

In prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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