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I have been praying into and “processing” this word with the Lord for several weeks. I released part of what the Lord had given me about this “Passover” season over a week ago, and you can read that word HERE if you have not. The actual Passover on God’s calendar lasted for 7 days, and ended Wednesday evening at sundown.

I have sensed the Lord impressing in this time, that it is time to "PassOver" into that which He has for us! Yes, I know this is not the original meaning of the Passover, but in a very real sense it is what Passover became. As Christ became our Passover Lamb, and as we accepted Him, we passed from death into life, from bondage into freedom. I believe what the Lord has been showing me over the last several weeks, is that it is time to come out of the wilderness, and "pass over" into the promised land.

A prophetic friend of mine pointed out to me a few weeks ago, that there is a direct connection between the crossing over that took place at the "Place of Passage - (word that I released re: “Bethabara", which took place at Rosh Hashanah last Fall), and this time of Passover. I felt my spirit leap the moment that He said it, and I knew that is part of what the Lord had been trying to highlight, although I hadn't quite seen it that way. I will share the word he was getting, if he decides to release that in the future.

After praying into what my friend said to us during that very prophetic and amazing time that Darin and I spent with he and his wife, here is part of what I sensed the Lord wanted me to share…

Between last year at Rosh Hashanah, when we began to come through the “place of passage” (Bethabara), we have been still crossing the Jordan in a sense. We have begun to leave the wilderness, but the fullness of coming into all that He has for us, has not really happened yet. I asked the Lord about this, and all I have sensed is that it was out of His grace and mercy, though I am not fully sure why. We have to trust that His timing is perfect.

Now, coming through this Passover season, I became aware in the spirit that we were coming through a “crossing over” time…but this felt different in many ways than what I sensed and heard during the “Bethabara” time last Fall. This felt more like a completion of something and the beginning of a new thing, a new place even, where the other felt like a crossing through. I believe what the Lord has been doing in and through His body in the last 6 months, has been preparing us for the season we are now stepping into.

I have sensed an acceleration of “The Best of Times, and the Worst of Times” is upon us, a time of even greater dichotomy of this than even what we have already seen. On one hand, we are coming into a time of even greater turmoil and chaos in the world, and the systems and nations of the world, which will cause great unrest and hardship among many people.

However, as we have seen glimpses of just since the beginning of this year, we in His body and particularly His remnant, will see greater Glory, awakening, provision, healing, miracles and freedom in the spirit than we have ever seen!

We have definitely been in a "Passing Over" and “Crossing Over” time. A time to come out of the wilderness season that many of us have been in for so long, and a time to come into all that He has promised and prepared for us by His Spirit!

Myself and several others have sensed another "warring in the gates" of this Passover time, just as it was at the Bethabara time last fall. The warfare has been quite intense the last few weeks leading up to this passing over time. #CrossingOver #Promises


I have also had a sense several times over the last few weeks, that much of what we have been experiencing was a time very much like what we read about in Mark 4:35, where Jesus says “Let us go to the other side [of the lake]”. Just as what happened to them as they began to cross over to the other side, the enemy caused a great storm to arise, to try to hinder and delay the progress of where they were going. There was healing, freedom, and great advancement for the Kingdom on the other side of that demonic storm. History shows that the demoniac who had a legion of demons cast out of him, ended up becoming a great evangelistic/apostolic leader in that region after his deliverance and freedom.

I also want to point out that Jesus did not ignore the demonic storm when it was time to deal with it. Yes, He slept during the first part of the storm, but when His disciples failed to deal with the storm, Jesus stood up and rebuked it and commanded it to be quiet. Many of us have heard His words quoted as “Peace, be Still”, but that is not quite the right interpretation. A better interpretation would be “Hold your peace!” or even “Be silent and mute - be muzzled!” He didn’t pray a nice, peaceful prayer. He didn’t “Focus on God the Father, and let Him fight your battles”. No, He stood up, looked that demonic storm in the eye, and used His authority to command it to cease what it was doing…and immediately it stopped. Sometimes, God fights our storms for us, but many times He requires us to deal with them, and use the authority that He has given us.

I believe part of why the Lord showed me this verse in reference to where we have been, and what we have been going through, is because He is needing us as His Ekklesia (His governing body in the earth) to learn this on another level. It will be greatly needed in the days to come. We do not focus too much on the enemy and what he is doing (which so many seem to be worried about us doing nowadays)…we do not see the demonic “storm” and what it is causing, and get into fear and doubt as the disciples did. We do not look at the enemy, and bemoan that he is so strong, and is wreaking havoc in our lives.

Instead, we DO look at the storm, we identify the principality or demonic force behind it, and we take our authority in Christ, and tell it what it must do… it MUST cease and desist it’s operation against the assignment He has sent us on, and against the advancement of His Kingdom purposes for us!

I hear the Lord saying, “It is time to “cross-over” to the other side, but you will face obstacles in the days to come, you will face giants in the land. It is time to come out of slave mentality, and realize who I have created you to be…you are My sons and daughters, joint-heirs with My son, and you have the authority I have given you in My name! All authority in heaven and earth is in My name. In MY NAME you will cast out demons, you will lay hands on those sick and they will recover, you will deal with serpants and scorpions (demons and demonic spirits), and they will not be able to harm you…but only if you know your authority in My name! Do not look for demons to fight or to deal with, but when they begin to fight against you and the assignments I have given you, and you know they are doing so illegally (there is no legal right), then take your authority, and deal with them as My Spirit leads you to do. He will show you how, and He will lead you in the best way to handle them. You will need to walk in this authority and understanding, being led by My Spirit at all times, in the days to come. Now is the time for the manifestation and revealing of My sons and daughters in the earth!”


As I prayed about this time that we are “crossing over” into, I heard some things that caused me to take pause, and honestly were somewhat hard to hear. This will be a time of great exposure and great exploits. I have prayed about this, and feel the weight and heaviness of the Lord on this particular part of this word.

This will be a time of great exposure of those who have claimed to be good and right, but they are not walking in His will and way, according to His statues, nor are their heart motives pure. Many are in a dangerous position, in that they haven’t heeded the warnings of the Lord to repent, or to turn from a certain path, and they have continued along the path they have been on in rebellion, thinking that His grace and mercy will not end…but they have frustrated His grace in their rebellion, and now there will be consequences and a harvest that will be reaped for what has been sown. Some within His body have been somewhat obedient, but not completely. They have done some things right, but in other things there has been much mixture, and there is no longer grace for that in His body.

This exposure and harvest time will especially be so for leaders in the body of Christ, but also for others who are not leaders. It will also be seen in leaders of government, business, and many other spheres.

During my prayers over and for this word, I heard something that caused me to take pause, and was honestly quite sobering. I heard the Lord say that “some will not be passing over, but will be ‘passing on’”. For some, I have heard “Enough is enough!”. I sensed that many would pass on to their eternal reward in this season…both good rewards and also bad rewards. Some will cry out in their last moments and be saved, and others will not, but either way, their souls will be required of them. I do not say this with flippancy or arrogance, but with a soberness of mind and heart. In judgement, I pray for mercy.

I have also sensed a “passing on” to their eternal reward for many who are Godly and righteous. For some, it is simply because their time has come, they have run their race, and it is time for them to receive the riches and rewards that He has laid up for them in Glory. For others, it will be because they are simply tired and too weary to fight on, and the Lord will grant them their request to go home. He honors their will to make that decision.

This passing on will be more than we regularly see, and many will notice a rise in people they know passing into eternity, as well as on a larger scale of those we will hear of in positions of authority and leadership in the world.

I also heard that along with great exposure, there will also be great exploits for those who have been faithful in the waiting, for those who have kept a right and steadfast spirit before the Lord. There will be a harvest season for you as well, but it will be of the goodness and glory of the Lord that you have longed for. These exploits will be like those of old, and many will marvel, both in Christendom, and even in the world. The exploits of those walking in and by His Spirit will be undeniable…but remember He will not share His Glory. May we all be very careful not to let pride, fame, or money taint our motives as He allows us to partake in partnering with Him in bringing heaven to earth.

At the same time of these amazing exploits of God, there will also be false signs and wonders that we will need to be very discerning to be able to recognize. I am asking the Holy Spirit to baptize us in another measure of His gift of discerning of Spirits.

May we all fully “Cross-over” well into that which He has for us now, and be led by His Spirit in all things…as we have not been this way before, but He will lead us and show us the way! Lord, have Your way in our lives, in Your Body, and in the nations of the world, and may we partner with You, and begin to manifest Your Glory unlike never before!

In Prayer & Preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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