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NOW IS THE TIME ~ THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE!⏳🕚#PrayAndPrepare #FaithOverFear

I shared some of this over a week ago, but am now able to share more, as I've been able to write out what I've been hearing & seeing. I know it's a lot, but I felt I needed to get a little more detailed in what I shared about what I have seen/heard is happening and what is coming very soon. Below is what I can release so far. I have highlighted what I feel to release more details about both "The Best of Times, and The Worst of Times". 👇

First let me be very clear - Now is not the time for fear, but GREAT faith! If you don't have great faith yet, and you are a believer, let me encourage you to surround yourself with others in the body who have great faith, as much as possible in this hour. You need to do this now! It will be much easier to navigate what is coming if you are surrounded by these. Remember, faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Get in the word, and be around others who speak the word! 📖

I have said this again and again since 2017, and I will continue to declare what the Lord has shown me, until it is obvious that I do not need to any longer. I know many may be tired of hearing this "drum" that I have beat on for the last 5 years...yet I am compelled by His Spirit and I must continue, until the time comes where it will be very obvious that there is no need. May I say, we are almost at that time.😕 What I've been speaking of for some time, is about to come full force, and it will be unlike many of us have seen or experienced in our lifetime, indeed some in many lifetimes.

Let me say it very clearly, for those who may not have heard what I have said previously, or may have forgotten...

⚠️There will be massive food shortages (famine) in many countries of the earth; The USA will experience this on a great level, and we need to be prepared for this. Other developed nations will as well.

There will be earthquakes and volcanoes in many places (some very large) throughout the earth... yes even some here in the US;

There will be "unprecedented" storms (hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, etc.) and events taking place throughout the earth (large in size and quantity);

There will be wars and attacks in many nations. I have sensed things coming that will be very much like World War II in many ways;

There will be more (different) pestilence and plagues. We need to boost our immune systems greatly with foods and natural supplementation to be prepared for this. On top of this, the Lord will make up the difference and fight for our physical bodies if we will believe Him for that, and not get into fear; take communion regularly, and receive the healing for your body and soul, that was paid for in the atonement! 🍷🥖

Look for the word "unprecedented" to become even more common place...this word has been used a lot in the last 5 years since I released this originally, but it will be even more - as I mentioned in the original word then, "historic and unprecedented" is what will be happening. So many of these things will be happening at the same time, it will sometimes be difficult to keep up with them all at times. Yes, all of these things have been happening on some scale, but it will be more at the same time, all hitting at one time, and much more intense than we have seen. Many of these things have already begun, but expect a massive acceleration, even before the end of this year. #PrayAndPrepare 🙏

What to do about these things:

Be in a place of much prayer, being led by His Spirit...and yes, I would suggest you to prepare for at least 3-6 months of food and water/water filtration/life straw, if you possible can. Don't get into fear or hoarding, but do what you can, and trust the Lord for the rest. Ask Him how much to do for yourself and your family, and follow His guidance on how and how much...if you ask Him, He will show you. For those who can do more, do it...if not for yourself, so you can share with others who will be in need. This will be used as a major evangelistic tool in the months and years to come; There will be further details on exactly how to prepare more coming very soon, and much will be in my book also;

Churches & Bodies of Believers:

Many bodies of believers (churches) that have dealt in shallow, frivolous, sugar-filled, "milk" messages and teachings, are going to quickly become obsolete in this next round of what we will walk through. Some barely made it through covid and all that came with that, but they will not make it through this next round, because they did not repent and shift. Some will barely come through this next round, because they will see what is happening, and will quickly repent and shift; Church/"Ekklesia" meetings in homes, businesses, and unusual places will become much more prevalent. I believe these will be different than other previous "house church" models and times, because they will have order and structure, and they will have 5-fold leadership operating. But how and when they meet, and the structure of how this happens will be much more like "home meetings"/barn meetings/tent meetings (they look different than regular "church" meetings have for a long time, but are still functioning as the church in the most basic sense).

This will be out of necessity in many cases in the near future, much like it was with covid in the beginning. Those who are prepared for this to happen in their body of believers, or are already moving in this model, will be much more able to flow easily with this when it happens. We have had several Pastors and leaders discuss this with me/us over the last year or so, and many are already receiving things about doing this. Darin and I are also a part of apostolic/prophetic advisement with some who are doing this, and it is amazing what the Lord is doing in this hour! _________________________________________

🔥 At the same time, there will be greater measures of the Glory of God being released than ever before; there will be outpourings of His Spirit that will be released in many areas of the world...these will be like pockets of fire popping up in many different areas - some larger, some smaller; there will be "unprecedented" healings and miracles happening in the body of Christ, both in churches and meetings, but also in very simple gatherings of believers, where only "2 or 3 are gathered", and also one on one; many healings will begin to manifest by praying for someone over the phone or through text..this has already been happening, but will be much more prevalent in this season going forward;

There will be multiplication of food, provision, supplies, and monetary funds. I want to be very clear here...this will not necessarily happen for those who are haphazard and have the attitude of "I don't need to prepare, God will take care of me." That is not wisdom, nor is it even is foolishness, when the Lord has been giving words and instructions for some time, for the express purpose of warning so His people can prepare. These will have to trust the Lord to provide in other ways and through other people, and it will be more difficult for them, because they have stubbornly not used wisdom and heeded His warnings.

Out of His mercy, He may multiply some things, but not as much. I see that the multiplication will mostly happen for those who have been diligent to prepare and do what they could, but are standing in faith for more. It will also happen for those who are needing it to help others during times of need. Consider this like the parable of the talents in scripture. He gives more to the one who stewarded wisely what they had already been given;

Conviction, and Godly sorry that leads to repentance will be very great among the nations. This will happen at times without any prompting or speech/preaching required...some will come to believers and cry "I am convicted, what must I do to be saved?!" Expect it at work, at the gas station, many places. It will happen in unusual places and with unusual people, at unusual times. We must be ready in season and out of season to share the light of the gospel.

Great darkness will abound...great witchcraft and evil. But great Glory will also ARISE upon His people, and His Glory will reflect and "shine" from them in ways that have not been seen! ✨

All of these great and glorious things will also be called "historic and unprecedented" as well! All Glory to our Lord!

I have released much about how to prepare over the last 5 years, but below are the basics I released in the original word. 👇

Excerpt from "The Best of Times, & The Worst of Times" word, released July 2018...

"I would ask you to seek the Lord as to the best way for you to prepare for what is coming...both in the natural, and in the spiritual. Do not be moved by fear, but prepare with the Spirits leading. I would personally suggest some amount (3-6 mths if possible) of non-perishable food and water or water source (life straws).

May I also suggest bodies of believers to prepare with an emergency plan for their fellowship, and with things that are needed in such a case of a disaster. It would be wonderful if you have the ability to prepare for more than your community, as it will be needed, and this will be a great way to share the gospel during that time. It is time for the Church of Jesus Christ to be the ones who are able and prepared to help in disaster, and even to be ready to become "Centers of Refuge" in times of trouble or crises! This is a phrase the Lord has given me in regards to what He will be raising many up to do in different regions during this time. Apostles, Pastors, God calling you to become a "Center of Refuge" or a "City of Refuge" for your area or region? Make sure to listen to His voice in this. Many are being called to this in this hour. With what is coming, the world is going to be looking for answers…and we need to have them! Yes, answers for salvation, answers for their soul to be saved…but more! We need to know what time it is, and not be in fear, but be prepared for what is coming." - End of Excerpt

In prayer & preparation,

Amanda Shiflett ~ Prophetic Reformer

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