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🔥"I heard the Lord say several times, with much intensity ~ 'I WILL NOT BE MOCKED'!"🔥

One year ago today, the Lord began to speak a word to me while in prayer that shook me to my core. I have rarely if ever heard the Lord speak in a way that caused me to stand in awe and the fear of the Lord, as much as this word did!

Please remember, God's timeline is not ours. He is a Master Planner, and does not get in a rush. What is "swift" to us, is not necessarily what He means by swift. Make no mistake...this has begun and is happening, it will continue, but MUCH MORE is coming!👨‍⚖️⚖

Let me also say that I realize the intensity of this word, and the seriousness of it. I felt it the entire time the Lord was giving it to me.


In a time of prayer, I was desperately crying out to the Lord about much of what has been going on in our nation, with tears in my eyes I said, "Lord, I need to hear from you about this"! I cannot fully describe what I felt at that moment, only to say that I sensed the darkness encroaching in a massive way. I then saw in the spirit, certain people laughing, in a very evil and sinister way, as well as some of the evil that was planning to be released soon. I wept bitterly, and then...I felt something else. A righteous anger began to rise within me, and I knew it was not my own!

At that moment, I heard the Lord speak with such authority and fierceness that it shook me to my core. I honestly began to weep even more, and shake from the inside out, as what He was saying began to reverberate through me.

"I heard the Lord say several times, with much intensity ~ 'I WILL NOT BE MOCKED'!"

I said “No will not be!”

I then heard the Lord say:

“I hear them laugh, and congratulate themselves on their wins. But I will have the last say...and the last laugh. (Psalm 2)

Be assured, they will reap what they have sown, for again I tell you… I WILL NOT be mocked! That which has been sown in lies and deceit, in hate and murder, and all manner of evil...they will reap it upon their own heads! They think they have won, but I the Lord God Almighty, the Lord of the Angel Armies, am working in ways that no one sees and no one knows. I alone raise up Kings, and I put them down!

Even as the King called Belshazzar did centuries ago, so have they lifted up themselves against the Lord of heaven, and they have mocked Me, the Maker of heaven and earth...and now they have been weighed in My balances of justice, and they have been found very wanting. ⚖ (Daniel 5) I have seen their unjust scales, their manipulations, and cunning plans for power…but I am the Lord God Almighty, and ALL power belongs to Me! They think their plots and plans have succeeded, but I know all, and I see all, and I can thwart and overthrow even the greatest masterminds and schemes on earth.

In My abundant mercy, I had to give them time and a chance to humble themselves and change their minds and retract...but they did not. My grace was extended, but it was refused. They refuse to turn away from their lies and deceit, they refuse to humble themselves…and now they are mocking Me in their deeds and words.

Their hearts have been hardened like Pharaoh, and like Pharaoh, they have determined to do the desires of their own depraved minds, and the desires put there by the evil one. And like Pharaoh, I have given them chance after chance to retract and step back from their evil ways…but they have refused. They continue with their evil plots and plans. Therefore, now My judgements will be swift and sharp! ⚖ ⚔

Know that I have heard the cries of My people, of the oppressed, the hurting, the most innocent among you...crying out for justice. Their cries have come before Me like a mighty chorus, pleading for justice. I have also heard the cries of My remnant, cries for mercy, and for this land to not be turned to desolation. Many have cried day and night…and do not think I have not heard your cries! My ear is not deaf that it cannot hear, and My hand is not short that it cannot reach.

I have heard the cries, and I the Lord your God will answer them. I will answer them for the sake of My remnant, and for the sake of the covenants that have been made with Me, both old and new. I am a covenant keeping God, and though man may forget, I do not forget. I am God, and I do not change!

I will render My justice from heaven in ways you have not yet seen. I have said it before to you, and I say it again ~ I will do a thing, and the ears of all who hear it will tingle! You have prayed, you have cried, you have interceded, and declared…Now sit back and watch Me move!

My angels are positioned even now, and are being sent forth at My command - to expose, to uncover, and to bring My holy judgements to those who have stood against Me in defiance and pride. My holy judgements will be seen throughout this land, and you will know that it is I that do this thing!

As My judgements flow, the fear of who I am will be known, most especially among My people! You will know and recognize that no one can do what I can do! No person, no leader, no one can do what I alone can do. When the enemy does his best, and he has…then My Spirit comes in like a wave, and crushes all of his best made plans in mere moments. This fear of Me, and awe of what I alone can do, and the judgements that I alone can render, will cause great revival to spring up in many areas of this nation.

Exposure after exposure, and judgement after judgement will now be seen in the land…and that which has been sown in darkness and evil, will be reaped upon their own heads. Now is the time...for I am God alone, and I WILL NOT be mocked!

I am a God of justice and holiness, I am a God of mercy and love. I say sit back, My remnant warriors, and watch what I alone can do! Sit back, and you will see My justice as it rolls across this land like a mighty river!”

Humbly and in much prayer,

Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer

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