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~ Prophetic word 02/20/2020 ~

I don't release words like this every day, and not just because it's what people want to hear. 😉 I have to truly get a sense of it. This is for many of His remnant, and especially for many within the prophetic realm... 02/20/20 - TODAY: I'm sensing this will be a day of shifting into a "new gear" for many who have been stuck and trying to move forward in this New Era! You've done all you felt you could do. You've prayed, fasted, you've gotten as healed and delivered from all of the strongholds as you know how to...and yet still there has been a block! 😏 You've been trying to move forward into the new that the Lord has for you. You've heard about the "New Era" that we've stepped into in 5780/2020, and you've even felt it some, but mostly in your spirit. You haven't seen the change yet in the natural. You've sensed it, you've had glimpses of it, you feel the momentum wanting to pull you forward...but you've felt stuck in low gear, and bogged down, unable to move forward into what you know He has for you in this season, specifically since the first of 2020. The enemy has thrown many things at you, and mostly it was all just to get you distracted, and your eye off where He was wanting to take you. Time to FOCUS!! 👓🔍 Darin and I spoke of it together earlier this week...we could both feel the "revving up", and somethings coming! A true "momentum" in the Spirit! I sense today, the Lord is putting His hand on the "gear-shift" of many of your lives, your ministries, your businesses... and what you haven't been able to shift, He's going to SHIFT it by His almighty power! As you recognize that yes, you do all you know to do, but then you STAND and see the salvation of the Lord...He's going to come in with His mighty power, His mighty right hand of righteousness, and He's pushing you out of that which has kept pushing you back. As you lean into Him, head back on the headrest, trusting Him to do it, and preparing for the momentum that's're going to catch a new gear, and you're going into OVERDRIVE!! Thank you Lord, you are shifting us into high gear!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻⚙⚙🏎🏎

Shifting, Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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