#WomenOfGodArise #EqualsinTheKingdom #KingdomWomen #HalfTheArmy 👸 WOMEN OF GOD...IT IS TIME!⏳ You have been pushed down, pushed back, made to feel less than, for several millenia. It is time for you to stop buying the lie that man-made doctrines and legalism (which is really just "doctrines of demons") has tried to sell you. It is time for you to rise up into your God-given destiny! ⏫🙋 ✴ Stop letting "them" define who you are and what you can do. ✴ Stop letting "them" tell you that you can't, when He is saying you CAN! So they don't think you can do that/be that, because you're a woman? Do it anyway! So they want you to stay in "your place", and continue to try push you down to where they feel comfortable with where and who you are? Find a new realm of people, who believe in all He has called you to be, and rise up anyway! 👠 It is time for the women of God to begin to step more fully into ALL that God has called them to, without the restraints of what tradition or man-made systems say they can be or do. Yes, you can be a great wife and mother, and still do and be all that He has destined and called you to. 💑👪 No, you are not a feminist or "women's liber" because you want to step out and do things in the Kingdom that traditionally were held for a man. You are simply stepping into all He has called you to be! If you have felt His call, and if it has been confirmed by other men and/or women of God several times...then stop second-guessing yourself, get trained and equipped, and move forward into your destiny! It is time for you to realize that He is the one who made you who you are, and you will answer to Him if you don't become ALL He has called you to be. Let the chains of religion be broken off of you today, the chains of fear of man and rejection of men. Let the fear of God consume You, and let the fear of man be gone from your life and your mind. You have what it takes, and nothing can stop you, except your own belief that you can't do it! 🔗👐 You submit to your husband, as you also submit to one another in love, but you ARE NOT subservient to men, nor do they define who you are! Find some other men and women of God that will see who you are, and will help propel you into your destiny! Rise up today, and know that it isn't your dream to begin with, but His! You are His handmaiden, called into the Kingdom for such a time as this, to see His purposes birthed in the earth! 🌎🙌 👉 For the men who are continuing to propagate the lie that women are less than, or can do less than a man in the Kingdom, you WILL answer to Him for what is not getting done in the Kingdom, because you have continued to attempt to handcuff His daughters, whom He has called. #ItsHisCall 👉 For the men that don't think this is still a problem in the Kingdom, it is! You can just talk to some of us who have continued to deal with the "good-old boys" club mentality in the western church... - Where we are invited to the "meeting", but not invited to the "table" as it were... - Where they think they are passed all the male chauvinism, but their actions say differently... - Where they say they believe you are equals in the Kingdom, but they don't honor you or your voice the way they do your male counterparts... many who have years less experience, are less anointed, and have been walking this road half the time you have. 😏 #LetsBeReal It is time for this to truly come to an end in the Kingdom! Yes, men and women both have their strengths, and yes we are vastly different in many ways, but neither is less than the other in the Kingdom. We are equals, called to Co-labor and see His purposes done in the earth. 👫 Men, we surely don't want to do it without you, and you surely can't do it without us...it's just not how He set it up. You'll have to take that up with Him. 👆😉 ____________________________________________ 📣 I'm calling forth the Deborahs, Jaels, Miriams...the Huldahs, Noadiahs, Esthers...the Annas, Tabithas, Phoebes, Junias, and Priscillas! It is time to rise up in this hour and be who God has called you to be, regardless of the naysayers who say you can't, or those who can't handle what He has placed on the inside of you! 👸🙋⏫ If not now, WHEN❓ If not us, WHO❓ Note* For the women and men who struggle with or have issues with women in leadership or having a place of authority in the Kingdom, I challenge you to read a book called "Why Not Women" by Loren Cunningham (male) & David Joel Hamilton. One quote that sums up quite a lot from this book, that I love so much...👇 "Millions of women all over the world are looking over the church's shoulder, longing to see the freedom Jesus purchased for them at Calvary. Millions more have found freedom in Jesus but are still bound by human ideas - ideas that pressure a woman to let culture, not God, determine her place in the Kingdom.." Amanda Shiflett - Prophetic Reformer 

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