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Jezebel 101 IN CONJUNCTION WITH PYTHON word by Jo Ellen Stevens 🚫🐍

This word is for the Elijah type prophets specifically, who have been sent to expose things in a place or region. When they do, Jezebel rears her ugly head and attempts to discredit and accuse the true prophets of God. I have dealt with this in spades, especially in this last season, as have many others, but she will not shut down the voice of the Prophets! The Lord is with them and will show forth who they really are...and what spirits are really functioning! #ElijahProphets #RiseUp 🚫🐍 "Jezebel 101 IN CONJUNCTION WITH PYTHON word by Jo Ellen Stevens This Spirit has to discredit the one who is doing the uncovering and the one with the breakthrough anointing, as in the case of Jezebel and Elijah so that they can get by with what they have always gotten by with. That spirit knows when the spirit of Elijah has arrived and will do everything to stop them. This is what is happening in our government right now and in the lives of those whom God has sent to uncover this spirit. Don't fall for the lies they are telling about people who you know have been faithful. Especially those who are prophetic.This spirit works in tandem with Python who is a twister of truth. Be alert and do not get into suspicion! Arise Shine!" 

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