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President Trump officially announced in an address from the White House yesterday, that the United States of America recognizes Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel! 😮🙌 This was a truly historic day for America and for Israel! This is unprecedented news! Never has a U.S. President made such an amazing declaration! I believe this is part of the reason the Lord wanted him as the President of our great country. Only when we bless Israel, can we be blessed as a nation! I believe this will begin to reverse the curse (at least in part), that was placed on this nation by previous Presidents (both Republican and Democrat) who have not stood by Israel in the past, and have attempted to push her to divide her land. I also believe we are going to begin to see unbelievable blessings on this nation as a whole, as a result of what was declared by the highest office in this land today! Let me be clear here and say that, this DOES NOT mean we will not have to deal with certain tragic events that will take place in certain areas in this country in the days, months, and years ahead. This is something that myself and many others have been shown are a great possibility in the near future, and we still need to be in much prayer that the enemy will not be able to accomplish many of the things that he is planning & would like to see happen. What I do believe is that we will begin to see abundant blessings in many different areas & spheres for this Nation and her people, and most especially for God's people who are also supporting Israel. I thank you, Lord, for Your grace & mercy over this great country, and for answering the prayers of many! Thank you for Divinely protecting our President in the days ahead, as well as Your people in Israel! 🙏 ~EXCERPT FROM WORD - ARISE AMERICA!~ ⬆🔥 🇮🇱🇺🇸#America #Israel #Allies I also felt to share an excerpt from the word for America that I released in November of 2016. "For now is the time for you America…Now is the time for you to once again be that beacon on a hill, now is the time for you to be the torch that is lit - I am lighting you afresh America, I am lighting you afresh...and I say that there are more that are with you, than are against you! Stand up America - stand up and be that torch on a hill, be that city on a hill, be that burning lamp on a hill…and declare that I am the King of Glory, and that I am coming in...that I am coming in through the East - Declare that I am coming in! For just as you have declared America, that you will stand with Israel, so I will stand with you! Because you have stood with My people, so I will stand with you! I will stand with your nation, it will not crumble, it will not go down…because My people have prayed, and they have humbled themselves, and they have sought My face, they have repented from their evil ways…so I have heard from heaven, and I will hear from heaven, and I will heal their land!"

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