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I'm just going to put this out there, as I truly feel this is what I need to do. Please note...this is not to bring fear or anything of the sort. There is already enough of that. It is simply to bring awareness, and help others to pray. Many will think this is hype, or chose to believe this whole thing is not spiritual at all, but I can only share what I sense and what I see as a prophet. Remember...this is for prayer and to possibly help bring a strategy to so many that are praying. To all in the body of is not the time for fear, but of faith. I shared yesterday, and I will share again now - you are hidden in Him, and His blood covers you. Please read my post from yesterday regarding applying the blood and declaring His word! Several times as I have seen or heard about Irma in the last 2 weeks, I have seen a picture of "Ursala" from the movie The Little Mermaid. This picture and sense has increased in frequency the last 3-4 days. Yes, I know what principality this would represent, but this is different than what I have seen her operate in the past. I will share what else I have seen privately with any who would like to PM me. On a prayer call 2 nights ago, I saw this again, and saw the ship piercing her through as in the movie, and saw her disintegrating. We all prayed into this, and I hoped that it was done. As I have continued praying about this however, I am not getting the sense that it is done. She has not been pierced and is not disintegrating. I am not sure what it will take to do that, but I am putting this out there for others to pray and intercede into this. Why she still has power and where her rights are coming from is not some thing I know at this point. Again, please know that I am not wanting to bring fear in any way. I am also standing in faith with many others, but I have to declare what I see and sense in the spirit. Just as I followed the Lord's direction with Harvey and came to Houston to help (with others) push that storm out of it's stuck place with the "battering ram" of the Spirit, I am simply following His instruction now. As we all know, this storm has the potential to be catastrophic in many ways, so we need to be hearing and seeing in the spirit in the strongest sense possible. My hearts cry...Lord, give us supernatural wisdom and instruction on exactly how we are to pierce this "War Goddess"! Spirit, lead us in our prayers, intercessions, and declarations! Lord...protect your people! Lord...send your angelic army! Lord...we cry for Mercy! 

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