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A Company of Fiery Prophets

These are the Prophets the Lord is releasing in this hour, to purify and make ready His bride! Do not despise the Prophets He is sending forth in this hour, nor the words that they bring.

Word of the Lord released by Lana Vawser:

"This morning as I spent time in worship, I heard the Lord say:

'I am now releasing a company of Prophets who have been through the fire and carry the arrows of fire in their hands, to bring a great re-alignment in the Church.'

I saw the Lord positioning these prophets, who have been through the fire, these ones who have allowed the Lord to do a deep work in their hearts and souls and who really carry His heart. These ones have been through an incredible testing in this season, an incredible time of purification and pruning and now the Lord is releasing them into places of greater favour.

I saw the Lord hand them arrows of fire and as I looked at their mouths, I could see their mouths like normal, but at the same time, I could see a MEGAPHONE over their mouths. The sense surrounded me that the voice of these prophets is about to get loud.

The arrows of fire in their hands were the words that the Lord had given them. These words were words of purity, they were words burning with His love, but also SHARP. They were carrying revelation of the Word of God that was going to SEVER and SHIFT. It was going to SEPERATE.

"For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart." - Hebrews 4:12

The Lord is raising these prophets up who are so devoted to His heart, they live in a place of such deep revelation of His love. They live in a place of such yieldedness to Jesus and have now received a greater igniting by the Holy Spirit of TRUTH.

They are moving out in this season with a UNCOMPROMISED word from the Lord. They are moving out with the word of the Lord that not only IGNITES, but it PURIFIES and PURGES.

The Lord is about to expose the lies in the body of Christ. The Lord is about to expose the false truths. The Lord is about to expose the areas of mixture, the areas of contamination where the pure flow has been tainted.

As the Lord is raising up these prophets in this season, they are releasing what the Lord is saying, and these arrows were sent speedily to bring a greater alignment in the body of Christ to Jesus.

I saw the eyes of the Lord looking in the body of Christ right now and I saw a HUGE TARGET and written across the target were the words "MIXTURE and COMPROMISE". The Lord is targeting these issues right now.

As these prophets release the words from His heart they have received there is going to be a mighty wave of repentance that is going to be seen moving through the Church. His people will be awakened to lies they have believed, deep areas of unbelief and hunger and passion ignited for JESUS like never before.

There was such a deep sense of the Lord preparing His bride. Such a deep sense of the Lord working deeply upon His Bride.

"It was given to her to clothe herself in fine linen, bright and clean; for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints." - Revelation 19:8

These prophets are coming empowered and full of His love and His Word, and as they speak, a PLUMBLINE is being released to the Church.

God is using these words as a PLUMBLINE to see if there are any areas out of alignment in individual lives and the body of Christ. It's a beautiful thing, as the Lord is correcting those mis-alignments and bringing them back into alignment.

The message of returning to Jesus and the first love and the returning to the Word of God will be sounded loud and clear this year. This is a year of great returning, it's a year of great breakthrough, and it's a year of great harvest.

We are going to take ground like we never have before this year, but as the momentum increases, the Lord is rooting out mixture, compromise and lies.

He is setting His people on fire with His love, like never before. He is igniting a passion within the hearts of His people for HIM, first and foremost. A passion to hear His voice! A new depth of intimacy and clarity in hearing His heart. A greater hunger for TRUTH, His TRUTH.

These prophets are coming with the words that will be like a plumbline igniting a deeper repentance in the Church, and a deeper returning to Jesus as the first love. It's a great pruning, why? For greater fruitfulness, greater life, greater maturity."

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